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We now accept the following:

   Ship And Store Flat
Sun, Rain Fume-Proof
Compact And Light
Easily Installed
Woven Glass Fabric
   Contoured-Shape Covers That Fit Snugly
Rugged Vinyl Or Teflon Coating
Universal, Durable, Economical
Removed And Replaced In Seconds
Deflect Even Major Breaks
Continuously Researched And Improved
Replaces Expensive, Cumbersome,
Tailor-Made, Metal Covers


   Initial Cost
   Installation Time
  Compensation Costs
  Inspection And Maintenance

MILFSHEFF SPRAY-STOPS SAFETY COVERS provide a much needed early-warning, visible indication of leakage. A color change triggered only from the inside by a leak enables even untrained employees to see that a leak has occurred. Even a single drop of acid will bleach the inside coating; an outside spray will not affect the color. Visible from a distance, the color change hastens discovery and reduces damage. Everyone, in effect, becomes an inspector.
   If leakage does occur—whether drops, spray or stream—MILSHEFF Covers deflect it from spraying adjacent areas and personnel.
   All models of valve and flange covers are fully-indicating (meaning the actual material changes color) except Teflon flange covers which indicate through a patch, and Teflon valve covers.
VINYL COVERS—fully-indicating (meaning the actual material changes color, not just a patch) for installations where temperatures do not exceed 220°F. You can actually see where a leak occurs by the color change on that part of the cover! Resists acids, caustics, most other industrial chemicals. Available in all sizes for valves, and " up to 36" for flange covers.  Please put a letter "I" for Indicating after any catalog number when ordering vinyl Indicating covers. 

TEFLON COVERS—for continuous protection on pipelines carrying fluids with up to 500°F temperatures. Made from PREMIUM GRADE Teflon material, our Teflon covers withstand these high temperatures and, like vinyl, are resistant to external acids, caustics, and most other industrial chemicals. An indicating swatch is built-in to flange cover bottoms to provide the same early-warning of leakage as the Vinyl fully-indicating models.  Please put a letter "T" after any catalog number when ordering Teflon covers.
All models are made of tough woven-glass fabric coated with chemical-resistant vinyl or Teflon. All can replace any old-fashioned made-on-the-job covers at a fraction of the cost. They are attached or removed in seconds, and are sun, rain and fume-proof. Exclusive contoured shape makes a secure fit around flanges and valves; they won't fall off under any circumstances, even in a fire!
Lightweight and compact, they fold flat for shipping and storage.

Standard sizes are readily available from stock and fit virtually all valves and ASA flanges in use today. Any other needed size can be supplied. Pump and expansion joint covers can also be made-to-order per your specifications. **For expansion joints, please provide overall length (sometimes referred to as the width) along with the pipe size.

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